Sunday, August 3, 2008

Eventful Weekend!!!

Our weekend started Thursday (kinda) with the adoption/rescue of two kittens. They are Siamese mix and SO precious. Raina and Salem naturally "picked one" and it's funny that the cat they picked - well their personalities are pretty in sync with the cats. Salem SO wanted to name her kitten Anabella and really that is SUCH a cute name and she came up with it all by herself but "she is a he" so she finally decided on Troy! :) As in High School Musical's favorite heart throb. Raina's is Lily - mainly because she says Lily instead of Kitty and it's SO SO SO cute. I kinda tried to get Salem to choose Jonas but she was set on Troy! Here is a REALLY bad picture of the girls with the kittens. My camera was on the wrong setting.

Friday we spent a good portion of the day at The jump Around. The girls were really well behaved and Raina tolerated Salem's therapy (an hour at Rehab) really well. I was worried cause she had totally flipped out earlier in the week. They loved it. We stayed for a good three hours and LaRae took this pic! Isn't it precious? I LOVE that has much as my girls fight they love each other. I tell them everyday that they are God given best friends.

Friday night we just rested and ate - a thunder storm blew in and it was a tad scary even for me. Sat was a fun day at the Zoo. They had TONS of activities and we went with friends. They got to pet 2 snakes and a hedge hog. Salem pet a Brazilian Rainbow Cobra. BLECH! I didn't like it AT ALL. But Salem said - mommy touch and of course I had to even though I hated it. I didn't want to teach her to be afraid. Our friends joined us at the house afterwards for food and swimming. It was nice.

Later in the evening the girls slept and we watched The Bucket List. What an amazing story line. Check it out. It's worth it - but definitely a tear jerker. Brian even liked it. It was nice to have a laid back family weekend. We've really needed it. Today was church and here I sit. I should clean. But today is the sabbath - can I use that as an excuse?

So this next week I'll be preparing to go camping the next week on the Llano River with LaRae and her kids and 2 of our girlfriends and kids. I am VERY excited. None of our husbands are coming. It's only 3 hours away. And Salem starts gymnastics on Wed. I might put Raina in. We'll see. They have a different class for 3 year olds.

So I probably shouldn't use the sabbath excuse and better get up and clean!

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