Monday, August 4, 2008

Grace & Mercy

Funny story - Brian has been teaching Salem the concept of Grace and Mercy and what Jesus did for us on the Christ. So he told her one day - Salem I am going to show you grace and mercy this time and gave her a second chance. A bit later she disobeyed again and was about to be disciplined and she was going daddy please wait please wait - I need to ask you something really important. Daddy please wait.

This is normally a stalling tactic of course but Brian said what is it honey...she said - would you show me grace and mercy please?

Omgosh how sweet! But what a fine line we walk. God shows us sinners an amazing amount of grace and mercy. While we were sinners he died for us. He loves us unconditionally the way a mother loves her child and always will even when that child makes mistakes and needs to be disciplined. But in those moments I imagine God's heart cracks a little and wants to take all the discipline away because in that moment listening from the other room I wanted her not to be in trouble. It was such sweet sounding words of contrition. I listed to Brian gently explain that he loved her so much but sometimes discipline is necessary even when we are sorry. Consequences happen. So of course she wept. They talked more and when it was done they hugged and it was SO sweet.

Lord - thank you for your grace and mercy. Remind me how to love my children unconditionally the way you love me. Let me be an example to my child - these children you blessed us with - of your love.

My goal this week is to daily show God's love, his grace and his my husband, my children, my family and those I don't know.

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