Thursday, July 31, 2008

Focusing On The Good Things

For me I think it's easy to come here and just vent. Things are stressful. I thought it would be better when my sister and her kids moved into their own house and it is - but it's harder in a different way.

But I've been reading LaRae & John's Blog. I simply cannot fathom Brian being gone over a year. Things could be worse. And in the midst of John leaving they both have such amazing attitudes. So I am going to try to temper every frustrated comment with something positive.

My girls right at this moment are giggling. They do sometimes play well together even though they do fight A LOT. Raina's giggle is hysterical. It's almost like a mini belly laugh. And when she gets laughing, Salem laughs, then I laugh and wow all is well.

Traits I LOVE About Salem:

1. Salem is very caring. She likes to help feed at church, to help the nurses with Nannie and help her sister go potty. She actually will go to the bathroom with Raina and gets her toilet paper and sings the Raina went to the potty song! It's silly and adorable. And she gets rewarded with an M&M as well.

2. She is also very dramatic. Yeah I can't believe I am say I LOVE that about it but it can be quite fun to watch her explain something or cry over something so minor (I don't laugh at her when she's upset though). I can fully imagine how she will use that drama as an adult.

3. She's very thankful.

4. She's very artistic. She can sit and draw for hours on end. And her art is beautiful.

5. She is fairly obedient. She is dramatic and has her moments and she and her sister fight a lot but she is usually easy to redirect.

Her love language is definitely quality time. And she likes one on one time with me and Brian.

Traits I LOVE About Raina:

1. She is SO affectionate. She literally wakes up holding our faces and giving hugs. She loves to kiss and cuddle.

2. She's harder to redirect but I like that she has a strong will and I hope I can (through God's direction only as I am powerless on my own) direct her to use that to do something amazing for God.

3. That she sucks her fingers. It makes me sad to think about making her stop. But it's just the sweetest thing in the whole word to see her sucking her fingers and fondling her ear.

4. WOW she is a spitfire. Ummmmm I can't imagine WHERE she got that from. ;) But I do love that she stands up for herself. As tiny as she is she could easily wimp out and be a cry baby.

5. I LOVE how daredevilish she is. She literally is afraid of VERY little. It's so fun to watch her explore.

Her love language is definitely physical touch.

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Williams Family said...

Wow, Leah. I needed that. Thank you for the comment. You are officially the first to make me cry. LOL
Blogging is very helpful for me. I LOVE it. I used to write when I was younger. I would get on the computer and write stories. My fingers would go 90 miles a minute. I just getting thought after thought after thought. I do email and do facebook but blogging is SO different. I feel like I can just let it all out. I'm not a very good talker as you probably know being one of my closest friends. And when I DO talk I usually am caught saying whatever it is totally wrong.
So thanks for the comment! You just boosted my spirits. As far as being positive right now. It's easy. He just left. I haven't faced the night alone yet. I'm already really nervous. Maybe I should blog that. :)
BTW- I treasure our friendship. You are a really good listner!