Thursday, June 18, 2009

Busy Day

Thankfully I've had a really busy day. That helps. Brian hasn't remembered - no one has but I kinda hoped he would. I'm not mad just feeling alone about it all.

Like I said we had a busy day. Raina had speech camp, then Salem had swim. Then we took a break then we had OT and speech for both girls then went downtown for an ARD visit.

I actually almost forgot the ARD visit. We left OT/Speech and my phone beeped so I hightailed it across town. Thank God I had it in my phone.

Anyway - they are not 100% sold on the PDD NOS diagnosis. BUT they say certain characteristics are there. As well as sensory issues and anxiety issues. So they want to re-visit things in October. I am ok with that. In the meantime she will continue private speech 2x a week and OT one time a week. So I am ok with that. It was very positive I think.

We technically aren't confirmed for preK til August. Sigh. But they say it should't be a problem. When preK starts she will have language lab an hour every day and see the speech pathologist one on one 2x's a week for 30 minutes. The speech pathologist agreed language lab wasn't for her but thinks she needs intervention (yet no summer services). The speech path at Rehab is thinking Apraxia as a cause of the speech issues. I have no clue what that is but it's a more physical cause I think. I'd rather figure that out on my own than discuss it with 2 speech pathologists, the director of special ed, the school psychologist and a school counselor in the ARD. WOW I can see why ARD visits intimidate parents who are trying to fight for services.

But thankfully they've all been VERY helpful with Raina.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I miss Angel & Brynna. It's been 7 years. It feels like yesterday. I've had a really hard week and while I always knew what tomorrow's date meant I didn't expect it to hit so hard this year for some dumb reason. Maybe it's because Salem asks so much about them lately. Maybe it's because I am in a tough place and wondering what life would be like if some sad things hadn't happened. Maybe it's just normal to still feel this sad 7 years later. Maybe I'll always feel this sad.


Whoo Hoo!!!

I officially weigh almost 1 pound less than Brian. :) I have NEVER weighed less than Brian. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Photo

This was taken today. A week or so past 5 months past surgery!

The end of a long week

Blech. That's how I feel tonight. It's the end of a long week. I did enjoy boot camp but Raina as well as she did at dance camp did TERRIBLE at home this week. I guess it's a trade off right? Sat morning she threw her bowl of blueberries at me cause I couldn't understand her.

It's days like this that I want to run and hide. That's just one example of course and it's not all Raina. It's losing accounts and trying to stay positive, learning to be "on" with Salem and her never ending questions, balancing business and home and the girls and their therapies and not losing who I am in the midst.

And then tonight I realized I am losing 2 of the few women I connect most with right now in mid July. Sigh.

Sometimes I think I need a vacation from life. I've long for normalcy for so long and my therapist reminded me that it's a myth. So I guess this is normal for me. I am feeling quite jipped today though.

Pray for me to have a better attitude tomorrow.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

What's New At The Holamon House...

Lots...we're having our downstairs bathroom remodeled. I am hoping it's done Monday or Tuesday at the latest. :)

Last week the girls had cheer camp at ACS. This was SO hard for Raina but it's my goal to keep her socialized as well as I can this summer. She cried when I left the first day and when I camp back she'd attached herself to Morgan one of the cheerleaders. Had her fingers on her ear and everything. LOL. Poor girl. But she was SO very sweet with her. She's trying to come out of her shell I think.

So it was a busy week. They had fun.

Then we had to apply for a scholarship for Salem and Raina to keep receiving speech and get OT for Raina. Their state insurance ended the 31st. Their new insurance doesn't start til July 1st and their deductible has to be paid. So we got it!!!! 100%.

Salem - speech 1x a week
Raina - Speech 2x a week
Raina - OT 1x a week (Her sensory inventory came back much worse than she anticipated. )

Thank you God. I feel SO relieved that they will get services for a year. And I got Raina's IEP progress report. She had 5 items and didn't master any of them - but showed some progress - it stairsteps from no progress to some progress to good progress to mastered. And she still didn't qualify for summer speech. But whatever. They are trying. The guidelines miss kids like Raina. It's too bad but it's reality. I am just not a mom to be satisfied with that.

Raina has Cinderella Dance Camp this week and Salem has swimming and Camp Rehab. Such busy times but so fun.

We went to see UP last night. The story line was great and most of the kids probably didn't get it. We liked it.

I am down to 165.4. :) I thought I was about to beat Brian's 165 and he went and lost 3 pounds without trying. GRRR. I tried a spin class and Zumba this week trying to shake up my workouts. :) I am thinking about going to Dublin and doing a 4K this next Sat.

Anyway that's our news. :) Hope you're having a good week.