Saturday, April 18, 2009

WLS Update

I am now almost 15 weeks out of my surgery and am down about 55 pounds! :) I am SO excited. I am working through the body image issues that accompany this (blech) but I feel SO great. My bloodwork is great, my diabetes and cholesterol issues GONE! :) I am excited. I've been doing couch to 5K and while I can't run 3 miles yet I've run 2 miles the last two times I've worked out including today!!! :) The good thing is this gives me time to run at least two miles and get up to three. I'll try to find a 5K in June. I am SO proud of myself. The endurance is amazing. Just last week and earlier this week I was barely running a mile or mile and a half. So I thought I'd post where my work outs started 9 weeks ago!!! I'll post about the girls tomorrow.

Week 1
2/15 - W1D1
2/17 - W1D2
2/18 - Walked 2 Miles
2/19 - W1D3 - 45 Minutes Strength Training
2/21 - Walked 1/2 Mile and Stretch - having a hard time walking/exercising through the soreness.
2/22 - Rest

Week 2
2/23 - Stretches
2/24 - W2D1 - Wall Sits, Wall Push Ups, 50 Crunches, Misc
2/25 - W2D2 - Cross Trainer 25 Minutes, Walked 30 Minutes, Strength Training 1 Hour
2/26 - Recovering from the day before
2/27 - 1 Hour Strength Training
2/28 - W2D3 - Worked Arms & Legs At The Gym, 100 Crunches

Week 3
3/2 - Cross Trainer 25 Minutes, 15 Minutes Treadmill, 100 Crunches
3/3 - 100 Crunches
3/4 - W3D1 - 100 Crunches, 15 Minutes Recumbent Bike
3/5 - W3D2 - 100 Crunches, 10 Wall Push Ups
3/6 - W3D3

Week 4
3/11 - Strength Training and Cardio 1 Hour
3/14 - Strength Training and Cardio 1 Hour

I had a crappy week exercise wise as I was out of town Sunday-Tuesday. I didn't get my crunches in either. My goal is to work out 5-6 days next week a solid hour including my C25K (repeating week 4) and get my crunches in.

Week 5
3/16 - 100 Crunches, 10 Wall Push Ups, Wall Sits, 15 Cardio On Treadmill
3/17 - 100 Crunches, WK4D1
3/18 - 100 Crunches, Strength Training 40 Minutes, WK4D2
3/20 - 100 Crunches, Strength Training/Cardio - 1 Hour

I didn't hit my goal for 5-6 days. Better luck next week.

Week 6
3/22 - 100 Crunches, Body Flow Class 1 Hour, WK4D3 (90 Minutes)
3/23 - WK5D1, Worked Arms (45 Minutes)
3/24 - WK5D2, Worked Legs (45 Minutes)
3/25 - Pilates 45 Minutes, Cardio (Cross Trainer, Treadmill & Various Exercises) (60 Minutes)
3/27 - 1 Hour Strength Training, Worked Arms & Legs (60 Minutes)

5 Hours Total! I did it!!!! 300 Minutes!

Week 7
3/29 - Body Flow Class 1 Hour, WK5D3, 100 Crunches (90 Minutes)
3/30 - WK6D1 (34 Minutes)
3/31 - Strength Training (60 Minutes)
4/1 - WK6D2 (30 Minutes)
4/2 - WK6D3 & Worked Arms (60 Minutes)
4/3 - Strength Training (60 Minutes)

5 1/2 Hours Total - YEAH!!!!

Week 8
4/5 - Body Flow Class 1 Hour, WK7D1 (Ran for 30 minutes 1 Mile) - 90 Minutes
4/6 - WK7D2 (5 Minute Warm-up & Ran for 30 Minutes - 1 1/2 Miles) Worked Arms (25 Minutes) - 60 Minutes
4/7 - Strength Training - 60 Minutes
4/8 - WK7D3 (Ran 2 Miles in 35 Minutes), Worked Legs (25 Minutes) - 60 Minutes
4/10 - Strength Training - 60 Minutes

5 1/2 Hours Total!

Week 9

4/13 - WK8D1 (Ran 1.7 Miles), Worked Arms - 60 Minutes
4/14 - I did my own strength training but not with cardio. I did 500 crunches, 25 squats, 25 leg lift squats, worked my biceps and triceps and did 25 wall push ups - 30 Minutes
4/15 - WK8D2 (Ran 1.78 Miles), Worked Arms - 60 Minutes
4/16 - Strength Training - 60 Minutes
4/17 - WK8D3 (Ran 2 Miles), Worked Arms & Abs - 60 Minutes
4/18 - Ran 2Miles - 45 Minutes Cardio

5 Hours & 15 Minutes Total

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Let me tell you this story my therapist told me today

I was crying and being all stressed. This special needs mom stuff is SO overwhelming. I second guess myself daily almost every minute and here I am looking looking at Raina having special needs to. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my girls and I don't want them to be different but sometimes I feel like God really made me a mistake choosing me for this.

So my therapist told me this story of a missionary 50 years ago who was rowing to a remote island with some Tongan people (that is the Island they were going to - I might have the spelling wrong). They were trying to sail and one person was praying for a tail wind and one was praying for a head wind and one wondered if they should just pray for wind. They weren't getting anywhere.

So one of the Tongan's got out and got a row boat and told them to get in and started rowing and he said "I'll be your wind".

Ty (the therapist) said he wondered if I was the girl's wind...

At that moment I was like "what?" But the more I think about it the precious that thought is to me.

I am their wind. I can do this.


I feel so good right now. My life is still stressful and all but being 50 pounds lighter and working through a lot of this in therapy is really helping me see outside the "crap" and that things are beautiful and good and lovely and that I still have a good life. I am learning to embrace the "crap" and just do the best I can. That is so hard for me cause I am such a fixer and sometimes things just can't be fixed but endured.

Anyway I know it sounds weird but I just wanted to share. It's a beautiful day and I am so thankful God gave me this day.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Queen of Weekly Updates

It looks like I'm the queen of weekly updates lately! LOL. Weight loss wise I am doing GREAT. I just posted pics last week so I am not going to take another so soon but they are in my profile. I am down an even 50 pounds and feel fantastic. I've gone from a size 22 to to a 16. My diabetes and cholesterol and all my bloodwork is perfect! :) All I have to do is supplement with Vitamin D.

I have SO much more energy. I just love how I feel right now. I am working out 6 days a week (about to go to the gym now). I can't say I always love working out but I love the way I feel afterwards. Last week I made my goal of working out for 5 hours (got to 5 1/2) and eventually I want to work out 8 hours a week! I love this new part of my life.

Salem is doing great in school. She's moving on to 1st great!!! YEAH!!! I am just so amazing at her when I look at her. She's so charming and tender hearted and full of love.

Raina is a mess - a sweet mess but a mess none-the-less. We're still doing the hand sock with a zip tie to keep her from sucking her fingers. But she hasn't figured out a coping mechanism to replace it with and man drop offs at MOPS, the gym, speech lab etc are awful. And she doesn't just cry for 10 minutes or's usually 30-45 minutes. So right now I am trying to plan my work outs around when she doesn't have to go to the gym. Brian is going to take her to speech lab (two hours twice a week) for now and MOPS...we'll deal with it. Worst case Laura will bring her to me. Please pray for her.

All in all it's a great week. Meditation is really helping me focus and stay calm and less frustrated. YEAH! It worked. I was not expecting it too! LOL. My therapist keep telling me to and I finally listened. It does help.

My next goal is to get up early and do a devotional and meditate before the girls wake up! Blech! LOL.

My exercise journal this past week!

Week 7

3/29 - Body Flow Class 1 Hour, WK5D3, 100 Crunches (90 Minutes)
3/30 - WK6D1 (34 Minutes)
3/31 - Strength Training (60 Minutes)
4/1 - WK6D2 (30 Minutes)
4/2 - WK6D3 & Worked Arms (1 Hour)
4/3 - Strength Training (60 Minutes)

5 1/2 Hours Total - YEAH!!!!