Saturday, August 30, 2008

Salem's Lunch Menu :(

OK #1 - it's cheap. It's included in her tuition this year and there is a lot of value to a hot meal for me. She tends to prefer a hot meal as well. But for a family who is trying to eat healthy and less processed food this is dismal. I am not as concerned for them with meat at school or when then are with others. We just won't serve it at home and let them decide about it when they are old enough to understand why.

So Salem and I talked and she has a couple of friends who bring lunches. So I am thinking of getting a bento box and send it with lunch and soup and let her eat at school on Friday for pizza. On pizza day they rotate dessert between cupcakes, rice krispie treats and M&M cookies.

Hopefully that will provide a good balance. And this isn't a slam against the school. I ADORE her school. I honestly think she'd have a similar selection almost anywhere she went here.

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