Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Salem started Kindergarten today!

She was SO esited (how she says it :giggle ). I was worried cause last year most drop offs were sad but she did wonderful. She barely even said bye! :lol

Salem before we did her hair. Raina had to be in the pic.And Raina LOVES this dress. She has insisted on wearing it. It was one of Salem's first dressup outfits.

WOW. I can't believe she started school. I totally feel overwhelmed and sad but excited and happy for her. She was SO very excited.

Raina has been a little lonely for her. She's asked about her several times but she's having fun. I gave her a back massage with our vibrating massager. She LOVES it and the girls fight over it so we don't get it out a lot. We made homemade mini pizzas and had watermelon. We pick Salem up and then have our regular errands to run and Salem has gymnastics. :) And they both woke up at 6:30 with no problems. Brian made eggs and mini whole grain waffles.


Robyn said...

Salem looks so cute! She will love kindergarten. If Raina is like Layne, she will ask many times during the day "Is it time to go pick her up yet?" BTW, how's it going with the diet coke? I have cut back on mine, but I don't think I could totally cut it out. I am very impressed!

Erica said...

I cannot believe Salem is in Kindergarten...wasn't she just in my 3's class at YCW. She looks adorable, love the haircut! I hope she has an awesome year:)