Tuesday, August 26, 2008

News From The Holamon House

The Stop the Violence Rally last weekend was amazing. Hundreds of people showed up despite last minute artist cancellations and the heat. Our speakers were SO brave. :) And we raised amazing funds for the Crime Victims Crisis Center.

So now it's over back to real life. LOL. Salem is loving school. She's having her pics taken today. Raina actually started the 2 hour 2x a week speech today at Woodson. She looked so little in the big' ole school. I am so proud of her. They said she jabbered a lot which is a blessing. She would hardly talk during speech this summer.

Salem has a cardiologist visit today. We'll talk about Growth Hormone but i am fairly certain it will not be done. I did fax her genetic testing to her geneticst. We're waiting for more information. Salem also has a hearing exam tomorrow. Some of the NS kids with articulation issues have hearing loss. I don't think Salem does but it's better to check it off our list. KWIM?

And guess what? The wonderful organization Five Humans has chosen Noonan Syndrome to be one of their causes!!!! YEAH! For those that haven't heard of Five Humans - their motto is Ignorance is a Curable Disease! They create hip fashionable clothing to help you support a cause. I am SO excited. Here is more.

Well that's it for today. It's the beginning of billing so I will be busy this week! And then we have the labor day holiday! I want to sleep late. :) We'll see if that happens.

And check out those labels I posted below. They are AWESOME!!!

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