Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend News

We're going to the Ilano river with my friends LaRae, Deanna, A'Lisa and their kids. None of the dads are going. We're really excited. I bet it will be a blast - we're going tubing and plan just to sit and relax. Doesn't it look gorgeous? I am VERY excited.

Salem is disappointed cause she thinks this is a camping trip and she and Brian have been talking about going camping all summer. We need to have money for a tent and some gear first.

Brian and I got away Friday with the rest of the staff from the Mission! We went to Fort Phantom and Brian wake boarded (he and Ashley were the only successful ones at it and no I didn't trip). It was so nice and relaxing that Kelly (the boat owner) invited me and Brian and the girls out Sat. It was a blast. Salem LOVED it.

Brian grew up on a boat (his dad was a boat retailer). So now he has the bug to buy one but we really have no money. Maybe next year because it's amazingly relaxing! The pics of the girls are on the other camera. I will try to get them off later. They were really cute. Salem had a blast swimming and Kelly let her sit in his lap and drive. Raina was fairly antisocial with him as usual.

Today was Larrah's Farewell party. She's really gone. She's headed down to College Station right now. 5 hours away! :(

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