Sunday, August 31, 2008

Salem & Raina With Their Friends

Salem and Maeghyn have been best friends since summer 04. I wasn't even pregnant with Raina then. As a mom, it's amazing to watch your children develop relationships outside of direct family and oh so very sweet. Now 4 years later Salem and Maeghyn are still best friends. LaRae and I hope it's that way forever. I think we are going to mandate it! :) I don't know what we'd do without the William's Family in our lives.

And look at Raina! She's 3 and Tristan and Justin are almost 2 but she plays well with both. They are SO precious together.

OK Julia I've decided - ya'll just have to leave the military and stay in Abilene. No transfers. EVER. :)

Oh and speaking of military that makes me miss Shannon and Tyler way off in Alabama and now I realize technically LaRae and John could move. :( I don't like this.

But I won't stress. We'll all be friends forever. Thank goodness for the Internet. How did people communicate before?

So a new week is upon us - so I have to clean my house. :)

Edited to add I can't get the pics to format right. Sorry.

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glenna said...

Love the pics of the girls with their friends. I bet that is fun to watch!