Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I think I forgot to mention it but the girls are successfully sleeping in their own beds! For about 10 days now. We let them sleep with us on the weekends. For history's sake - Salem slept with us from birth to 3 1/2. Then she decided she wanted a bed then a year ago was old enough to realize hey - Raina's in bed with you. So back in she came.

Recently we decided to try it. There was some tears at first but now Salem goes right to sleep. Salem doesn't like sleeping with Raina the way I had envisioned so she sleeps on the top bunk but Brian or I lay down with Raina til she falls asleep.

It's bittersweet - I LOVED cosleeping but I was ready and they are doing fine. They really aren't babies anymore. No more nursing, no more cosleeping and Salem starting Kindergarten!

Too fast...


Julia Stewart said...

Go girls!

I am so proud of them... and you!

Robyn said...

It is so hard when they start to grow up. Anna has all of a sudden (after coming back from grandma's and being around older cousins) stopped taking baths and now showers by herself. It is good to see her independence, but also very sad :(