Monday, August 4, 2008

Garbage In Garbage Out

Spiritually this is true. If you fill your mind with the garbage of this world - you're spirit will be full of junk. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. It's very clear biblically.

But can we apply this principle to our physical body? Seriously what are we eating? Cancer is at an all time high, learning disabilities, autism, alzheimers, diabetes...what are we eating? What are we doing to ourselves? As a woman who has diabetes I know I can control it by watching what I eat. Before I got pregnant with Raina I had lost 60 pounds. I ate a lot of veggies and lean cuts of meat. But seriously is that enough?

Without sounding like a scaredy cat - I think it's more than that. What about pesticides and hormones and other crap put in our food? It's why we eat very little red meat and only organic dairy. I think the more chemicals and additives that are in our foods the better they taste or the more easy they are to prepare. It's actually all about making it marketable and in quantity (growth hormones in milk, beef etc). Seriously as a consumer I am shocked about how little I know about the products I buy and consume. I think manufactures think we are dumb.

I know a lot of people these days who are trying to eat healthier. And we do as well but it's hard. It costs an arm and a leg to eat healthy wholesome food as opposed to junk. Junk is cheap. It's mass marketed. And with gas so high I find that I automatically want to find ways to save on my ridiculous grocery bill

I am 40 and I am overweight and have diabetes. Just this year I have lost a friend to lung cancer, had another friend develop breast cancer and had a 35 year old friend have a heart attach. I have to get exercising and eating better for my own health as well as that of my kids.

Think about what you eat. Is it garbage in garbage out?


bcstark said...

It is SO hard for me to curb my sweet tooth and get motivated to get in shape. We need a MOPS biggest loser club!

lucinda said...

well,Health is wealth,we often talk about health and fitness,some fat girl want to lose weight,but chubby women aren't attractive,many of my friends on are very fat,but they look so sexy and charming,so we should not care about our figure,happy everyday is the greatest pleasure