Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bluebonnet Pics

It's that time of year in Texas. The state flower is beautiful and I've always been envious of those whose children willingly took pics in them. I took Salem when she was 2 1/2 and I was a month from delivering Raina and she HATED the stickery patches. I was also stressed cause I didn't know anyone who had bluebonnets so most really nice thick patches were on the side of the highway and in my crazy mind I envisioned cars and semis running off the road at that moment killing us.

Well this year I have a sweet friend who lives in the country and had a ton of them. They were beautiful. I only got two decent pics because I had my camera on the wrong setting. But they are still cute and the girls didn't complain once. If you click on the first pic you can see Raina in the background!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sweet Salem

She really is my sweet girl. She drives me nuts with her constant questions and barrage of but but but when I tell her something - but she's amazingly empathic and compassionate and just very very sweet. She is a tad bossy but I can't imagine where she got that from.


And did you notice how short her hair was in the pic I posted? She gave herself a mullet two weeks ago! Seriously - a mullet. Sigh! LOL.She really hated her hair being cut but after a few days decided it was just as princessy as before - especially with a cool headband!

Today I took Raina to see an opthamologist. He thinks she needs to be patched 24/7 for 4 wks. He changed her right eye RX significantly. She has an astigmatism & may need bifocals. Right now we're going to patch the left eye, change right eye RX & go back in 4 weeks to see if she still needs the patch & bifocals. I hope sh...e doesn't HATE it. :( But he says the more I insist on it the better it will help her eye.

And she's doing wonderfully with her speech development and social skills. We do plan to put her at Salem's school in the fall for another year of preK and then go from there. :) I am SO pleased. She's a different kid than last year.

The Wordless Wednesday Pic

I love the pic I posted for two reasons!

1. My girls are truly becoming best friends. I LOVE that. I often tell them they are god-given best friends. I love that Raina put her arm around Salem's waist.

2. I LOVE dressing them alike. :) And so far they love it too so I plan to do it while I can! :)Those dresses I found at a huge savings at Gymboree. I had pulled them out of the closet to pack for next year and then it was unexpectedly cold so I was able to let them wear them again before it was truly hot here.

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Brain Atrophy

Brian bought Salem & Raina the cute Skechers Twinkle Toes but they don't light up. They like them. Well today I get a box in the mail of the Skechers that light up for Raina.

So I go to my email and I order both girls a pair three weeks ago that light up. They were on backorder. Salem's still are. How the heck do I forget that? And the company I ordered from doesn't do free returns. So 4 pairs of Twinkle Toes in a month! ACK!

Then today I install QB on my pc. I've been doing my invoices in a VERY simple system that basically doesn't track anything. All my other accounting is by hand but the invoices are nice. So I spent over 20 minutes creating a new invoice and setting up my company information and NOTHING. I can't get it to work. I used to manage a tech support help desk and was a software support guru. SIGH!

I thought I'd be able to set it up and do my March invoices tonight. NOT. I will do my March invoices the old way and that gives me a little over 2 weeks to figure QB out.

The good news is I found a GREAT payroll processing company that will be doing my payroll starting next week for a VERY inexpensive rate. That's one HUGE tasks off my shoulders.