Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Salem's Geneticist Appointment Update

Funny store before the serious...we walked in and said hi, she did all her stuff and then showed Salem this booklet and a girl that looks just like Salem. She wanted Salem to see that there are other kids in the world that looked liked her. Funny note - it was the booklet Salem did last year in Miami. Salem goes hey that's me. The look on the geneticists face was priceless. She recovered quickly and made sure to make a big deal about it throughout the office.

Serious - she looks good - nothing serious noted except her growth is kinda stalling. She's fallen off her NS growth curve quite a bit and if she stays at this rate of growth she surely won't be 4"11". More than likely 4'5 or so.

So she wants me to think about growth hormones afterall and talk to her cardiologist. She wants the referral to come through him as he will have to watch her heart more often. Then we would have to go to Cook's Hospital for the initial endocrinologist appt and then we'd be followed at the satellite clinic here.

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Williams Family said...

I know that's alot to think about, Leah. Salem is so lovely. Her heighth isn't what is going to get her anywhere in this world. She has an amazing personality and love for other people. THAT is what will draw people near her and love her for who she is! She's an amazing little girl with a huge heart.
AND she's ALREADY famous. :) :)