Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our Week!

We have been a vegetarian household for 2 weeks tomorrow. :) No Diet Coke, no caffeine and no meat. I did eat tilapia at a girl's night and we will occasionally eat fish but to be honest I feel much better than I normally feel. No more immediate trips to the bathroom 15 minutes after I eat. I have more energy, less bloating...I just feel better. We went to a birthday party last night and I wasn't even tempted with cake and soda. :)

The rest of this week has been bland. It started off SO hectic with a MOPS meeting and somehow I have throw my back out. I have a massage on Tuesday and I hope that really helps. Brian got 3 ribs back in but it still really hurts.

Salem had a cardiologist appt on Tuesday and guess what? Dr. Fryer said he didn't see ANY signs of Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am ecstatic. PRAISE GOD. He wants her to stay on the atenolol til she outgrows the dosage just in case and follow her in 6 months but she might be off the med in a year and then just go in yearly for a check up or if we have symptoms.

So do to this good news I brought up the growth hormones. I wasn't seriously considering them because of her heart - there is a chance that it causes the heart to thicken and that is basically what HCM is. But now that there is NO thickening and her heart is normal he said he wouldn't have a problem with it as her HCM has resolved and they would watch her and if there was thickening we'd revisit it.

So this doesn't mean we're for sure doing it but that it's an option again. She's going to be referred to an pediatric endocrinologist and then we'll go from there.

She then had a hearing test on Wednesday and that came back perfect. :) Then Friday morning in the middle of the night she started throwing up. It was disgusting and she didn't make it even close to the bathroom. She's never missed the toilet before. So I was up all night. So we emailed school and told them she wouldn't be there and then at 10 am when she woke up Friday she was totally fine. LOL.

So that's our week. My girls are taking a nap and we're going out tonight on a date. Whoo Hoo!!! :)

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