Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This and That...

So I'm not near as mad as I was before. Don't get me wrong I am still in a VERY anti-Comfort Suites mode but just not near as psycho about it.

Salem had another riding lesson yesterday. She looked fantastic up on Bob!!!! She wasn't scared at all on top. I am SO proud of her. Look how tiny my almost 6 year old looks

And speaking of Salem school starts August 20th. SIGH! Am I the only mom on the face of the earth not looking forward to K? I wish it were half days. Salem is my sweet girl. We did have an amazing time in Weatherford. We just happened to be there for the Peach Festival so we walked around downtown in the searing heat, shopped and then scrapped all night (literally Salem was up til almost 1 and me 2). It was fun. It needs to be a yearly tradition I think.

Raina is doing SO much better on her words. I am finally thinking therapy is helping. But summer therapy ends after next week for a month. So that's a bummer. And speaking of therapy - the fall is going to be hard...Salem will have horseback riding therapy once a week after school starts before school and Speech (2x a week) and PT (1x a week) after school. YIKES. I better get good at getting ALL my stuff done before school is out. I will have Raina most days so lets hope it works out. I am going to try not to send Raina to Mother's Day Out. It's just too complicated because she will have speech lab twice a week for 2 hours. Those are the typical Mothers Day Out Days. So if we do that then it would be too hard on her to go to Speech Lab, get picked up at 10 and then to Mothers Day Out. Two pick ups and two drop offs sound worrisome to me for a 3 year old. She is going to go to a Friday preschool at a local university for 3 hours. So I get 2 hours to myself on T/T and 3 on Friday. WOW I had more when Salem and she were younger with Mother's Day Out! LOL.

And speaking of Raina - I think she's potty trained. Brian had her in panties ALL weekend when I wasn't here. I was just too chicken. No accidents. So I've done the same. So far 4 days no accidents but we are doing pullups at night. :) I am looking for plastic diaper covers and can't find them anywhere - I've looked at Walmart, Target, Kmart, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree and even Good Will.

Korie and Larrah get home tomorrow from Brazil -w ell technically later today on Wed. I can't wait to see what God has done in their lives!!!

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