Tuesday, July 29, 2008

100 Things About Me

100 Things About Me

1. I am a Christian
2. I am a mom who adores her girls...
3. I love going to the movies
4. I love action movies and cop dramas rather than typical chick flicks though I will watch them.
5. I can't believe I am 40
6. I LOVE Third Day! Their new album is amazing.
7. I LOVE Christian Rock Music
8. I've been scrapbooking for 8+ years
9. I wish I could speak Spanish fluently
10. But I can read it and understand some
11. I wish I could scrapbook for a living
12. I wish I was better at scrapbooking
13. I love that my scrapbooks will mean so much to my kids one day
14. I can be liberal in things like health care and social issues
15. But I can be conservative in many other areas
16. I never vote a straight ticket - I am having a hard time figuring out who to vote for in November.
17. I LOVE going on vacation to the beach. I'd live there if I weren't terrified of hurricanes.
18. I've been on 4 cruises.
19. I hate to fly but I do go.
20. I worry that something will happen to me and the girls won't have a mom.
21. I work hard at praying about that so I won't freak out and smother the girls and/or not go places.
22. I did IVF to have Salem.
23. Salem was a surviving triplet- I am missing her sisters a lot lately.
24. I am a tigress when it comes to my kids.
25. I want my kids to grow up loving Jesus with their entire being.
26. I really resent spending so much time as therapy mom. But it's necessary.
27. I hate being overweight
28. I need to exercise
29. I love being a SAHM
30. But I hate house cleaning
31. I hate folding laundry worse.
32. I believe that better moms make a better world!
33. I need to go to the dentist
34. I feel old today
35. I need to be a more considerate wife
36. I need to spend less time online
37. I used to love roller coasters
38. Not anymore
39. I LOVE watching CSI and The Shield
40. I could easily watch too much TV.
41. I am not a good pastor's wife
42. I am way to blunt
43. I need to temper my opinions
44. I wonder if that will EVER happen
45. Salem has a cardiologist appt tomorrow.
46. They make me incredibly nervous.
47. I am sure things will be fine.
48. I LOVE my Nannie
49. I miss my Papa
50. I fiercly protect my family
51. I probably enable them some
52. I never knew my dad
53. I wonder if he's alive
54. I want to be a cool hip mom who raises good kids
55. I don't want to deal with the scary issues my sister has dealt with with her teenage girls
56. That scares the hell out of me
57. I LOVE having a swimming pool
58. My knee wishes I had a hot tub
59. It probably wishes I had insurance more
60. I wish I could bleach my teeth
61. One day I will.
62. I need to read my bible more
63. I pray often
64. I LOVE to sing to the radio
65. I sing LOUDLY to the radio
66. I've been hit by a drunk driver twice
67. I miss my mini van
68. I want a bigger car.
69. I HATE Brian's sporty convertible
70. Don't tell him that though
71. I think Brian is sexy in a goatee
72. I have a sweet and adorable husband
73. I finally found flip flops I like - Reefs. But they break - 2 pairs. Then I found Yellow Box. LOVE them.
74. I hate spending money on clothes
75. Life it too short - I can't believe I'm 40
76. I hate my wrinkles
77. I need to relax more
78. I also want the last word
79. That's a really bad habit
80. I have diabetes
81. I have high cholesterol
82. I have a torn meniscus
83. I have IBS
84. I can't believe all this is wrong with me
85. I wish I didn't have to work so hard at being healthy and fit
86. Why can't I be the woman who eats pizza and junk and never gains weight or gets unhealthy
87. I don't want to give up Diet Coke
88. I hate taking all my meds and supplements
89. I procrastinate a lot lately
90. I never used to be that way
91. I really have a soft tender heart
92. I don't let most people see it
93. I really want to have a long life and live to see my grandchildren
94. I want my children to have happy childhoods
95. I want to protect my children from evil in the world
96. But I know they'll eventually see it
97. I hope it's from a distance
98. I hope they never endure what I did
99. That would break me
100. I pray for their future and safety every day

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Robyn said...

Enjoyed reading your list!