Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Learning Experience

I have really been able to turn the who Comfort Suites Hotel fiasco into quite a teachable moment for Salem. We talked about how mommy made a mistake cursing and getting so frustrated and that its ok to be angry but the bible says in our anger do not sin.

We were able to talk about how discrimination of any form is just wrong and what other forms of discrimination there are.

We talked about how we felt sorry for the owner of this hotel - that he doesn't trust people. We actually prayed for him.

We talked about how sometimes things just don't go our way - and sometimes that's really unfair but it's how life is.

We also talked about how it's ok to fight for change if it's something you really believe in but to realize some people might get angry or think you're making a mountain out of a molehill etc. Some people just won't always understand.

The Abilene Reporter News did publish my letter to the editor so hopefully that will help change things.

And really what do I want out of all this? I am not trying to score a free room. Right now that is not even on my radar. I want change. It's a dumb exclusion - discriminatory and ill-hearted. That's what I want. A more defined exclusion if need be but preferably no exclusions as there are a ton of valid reasons to stay locally.

I have since learned that Fairfield and Holiday Inn Express have the same exclusions locally. I will not send people to them either. I just had a MOPS Area Coordinator stay at the Fairfield. What a mistake. :( If they can't support local business they don't deserve me sending out of towners to them. With all of the new hotel properties under construction maybe some of these exclusionary hotels will have to change their practices to stay in business.

We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

came here from your letter in the ARN... I am sorry they are such jerks but I am glad you had a good time