Saturday, July 12, 2008

Awful Experience with Local Comfort Inn On I-20

And it's been 6 hours and I am still furious. So earlier this week I book a mini suite at the Comfort Inn for me and Salem for a mommy daughter scrapbooking night. She's SO excited. It was so sweet. We loaded up the car and headed across town.

We went in to check in...
I have a reservation....
But they won't rent a room to me...
Because they don't rent to locals...
Because they get drunk and destroy the rooms?

Excuse me? I am a 40 year old woman trying to check in with a 5 year old daughter..that is ridiculous and I have a reservation.No exceptions the desk clerk said. I said she needed to call manager. She did and I could hear him talking to her No exceptions. Salem is almost crying cause she knows we can't stay. I tell them this is S**T and say this is ridiculous.(Yeah I am not proud of that but the anger got to me).

I had a $20 Comfort Suites Gift Card that I cut up right in front of the desk clerk (yes overkill but I was furious). I said I woud never stay at a Comfort Suites if this was the level of service to expect and I would be sure to call the coporate office and tell all my friends.

Then I did say I am sorry I cursed but I was very angry. At that point the manager called her. I thought he wasn't there based on something the clerk said earlier. But why would he take that moment to call? He basically asked if I was still there and she said yes that I was cussing at her. SIGH! That is SO not true. NOT TRUE. One slip and hardly directed at her.

I asked to speak to him and clarified what I said and that I was angry and that this was ridiculous service and if I wasn't going to be allowed to rent a room he should have called me.

He said it was not his fault - that Comfort Suites International shouldn't have let me rent as its in his exclusions. That's untrue as I later found out. I said that I planned to tell everyone in Abilene that I knew about his poor customer service. He said that was my perrogative. I said I no longer wanted to speak to him. I laid the phone down on a granite counter and the clerk wasn't there to pick it up so it went sliding across the counter and clanked to the floor. So I am sure they thought I threw it. I wanted to but would never do something so low class.

Salem and I left and of course Salem was crying.I call Comfort Suites Reservtions from my car to make sure my debit card won't be charged. They said they aren't sure it can be stopped but would refund it. I told her my story and said she better find a way to stop it considering they wouldn't let me stay the night or I'd dispute the charges.

She was very nice and apologetic and looked at the exclusions and there wasn't anything listed about locals being excluded. She call the local hotel to make sure my reservation was cancelled. They then offered me a room.

Uh no...I would rather sleep in my car than EVER stay there. He only offered because the coporate office called. I am not an idiot. He was beyond condescending and rude. They did cancel. The reservationist did say I needed to call Customer Service. I said I would be I needed to calm down as my daughter was very upset.

I also said why would being local be exclusive with being drunks and destroying rooms?

1. Can't couples get a night away from their kids - what about Valentine's Day?
2. What about a family whose house catches on fire or has been robbed?
3. What about a family whose home has plumbling issues or has been flooded?
4. What about a family who one of their spouses leave and need a place for the night?

There are MANY valid reasons to book a hotel locally. This man's reasoning is ridiculous. Maybe during prom and graduation season I could understand it but really me and a 5 year old who was standing there with me?

I came home and called all the hotels in town and they are booked because of weekend travel and a convention.

I am SO furious. So we're going to Weatherford tomorrow to stay at the Hampton. And tonight I will type up a letter and send to the corporate office copied to the local hotel.The girl at the local hotel did call me with a cancellation #. I did tell her I hope she knew I wasn't angry with her and she said yes.

Salem was DEVASTATED. Seriously. It was awful. I am STILL ticked.

I need to chill...but man am I mad.


Robyn said...

That REALLY stinks!!

heather said...

we used to do business with them, but the new owner has proved to be VERY difficult to deal with. sorry you and your daughter had to go through that!