Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Resolution With Comfort Suites I20

I spoke with the gentleman who runs this hotel as well as one other hotel in Abilene and one in Midland and San Angelo. He was very nice and very apologetic. He insisted that this is not their regular policy and while they have had some bad luck as of late at this hotel their policy is to make sure it's a credit card transaction so damages can be billed.

Again he was very apologetic and I found him to be very sincere. My whole purpose in making a big stink about this was to possibly change a ridiculous exclusion. He plans to work on training with this particular staff.

I personally am very glad this situation has been appropriately handled and while it doesn't make the "bad experience" go away I am at ease with the resolution.

I do think their are other hotels who have similar exclusions to help protect their properties but again as a previous poster said - they need to use common sense in whom to apply it to.

The Abilene Reporter News said they planned to go forward with their story for the local paper and I made sure she was aware that it can to be a reasonable end for me.

Whew!!! I am so glad. Even though I am a very forthright person - I actually dislike conflict intensely. Before I became a Christian in 1995 I was the type who just flew off the handle and never worked out issues. Therapy, the use of common sense and the guidance of the Holy Spirit has taught me a lot over the years. Thank you Lord.

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The Walters' Family said...

Bless your heart, Leah. That is absolutely horrible. I can think of a thousand reasons why a "local" would need temporary lodging for a night, and then be denied. See my post about the neigbhorhood skunk. I'm glad it got resolved!