Monday, February 16, 2009

Yet Another A Typical Pap - Sigh

I swear why can't things be easy. My last three paps were A Typical but no HPV. I go Thursday to test for HPV but still why can't I have one medical thing go easy.

I just freaking stress out so easy and I've already been worrying about the gastric mucosa in my stomach and was just getting to a good place and now this. I am just tired of it and I truly feel like the devil is stalking me with this worry so I definitely need to get through this.

And I "know" the answer is not to worry but I don't know how not to worry. So it's complicated.

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Gayle said...

It is okay to worry! God made us as we are and if we worry that is okay. Don't you think Job worried, too? BUT...after worrying just a little Job put his faith in God and knew God was going to handle everything. So, go ahead and worry a little and then put it all in God's hands. He's always taken care of you, girl, and He will now. I understand that feeling of doctors always finding SOMETHING...I hate going to doctors but we have to. Just put it all in God's hands and truly feel the peace of it being lifted from you. By the way, you look beautiful smile or no smile!!

Love you,