Saturday, February 14, 2009

Playroom Progress - Pics

This is before. Blech! Very dark - the wood is pretty but not for a playroom. This was as Larrah was moving out so it was trashed.


1. The ceiling fabric off the ceiling is coming down. We'll have to drywall it - a pain but it must be done. That might take til April or so. There will be new light fixtures then.

2. The carpet is coming up next week! :) We found hardwood under it. We'll sand and stain it later. YEAH!!! This was an upstairs room that was an addition so we never assumed there would be hardwood under it.

3. We aren't finished painting. The yellow needs one more coat and the trim work needs to be done - the trim is time consuming because of all the drawers and doors and all. Phoebe that yellow you told me was PERFECT.

So ideas:

1. I need ideas for curtains and bedding. There are 6 windows - 2 on each end and 2 in the alcove (orange) area. In the alcove area we will put a daybed. I need ideas for bedding for that. I will put up new inexpensive mini blinds.

2. Rugs: I need at least 2 big rugs. I'll probably get a small rug for the alcove area. Nothing ridiculously priced.

3. Bathroom - Right now there is a red shower curtain hanging up. I can do another cloth shower curtain or beads. WDYT? I like the idea of a shower curtain cause it totally hides it.Later I have to lay tile and get a new carpet and clean. It's a shower, toilet and sink.

4. Does it need a lot of decor? All the toys will move up there. I wanted to use the drawers for organization but Raina can't open them which is too bad cause there are 14 drawers and a built in desk. Grrr. Maybe one day.

5. So I need organization ideas too. I was thinking cubes but they'd have to be attached to the wall and I am not sure about that. Julia I still hope you can help me but money is tight til April.

They moved some toys up there to play with now while Brian is working on it. They LOVE it up there. But literally ALL toys will be up there but books, games and things like paint and playdoh. Other art supplies will be in the roll top desk. I got that idea from Julia too. There room will be for sleep only.

I'd love to have an art center (desk), dressup area, baby area, kitchen area etc. I have racks that they can hang dressup clothes on that we'll hang up with some sterlite drawers underneath for shoes, wigs and necklaces. But I want it all separate so it makes sense.

The alcove area will have the daybed (guest bed) and relaxing area for the girls - mainly stuffed animals over there somehow creatively used.


the undomesticated wife said...

I'd keep the window treatments simply and light..maybe just white sheers so the light can come in. It's an upstairs room, right? So you don't really need curtains to block people's view.

Check Big Lots for may find something there cheaper. Or check for remnants at a carpet store. They are usually more affordable.

Artwork for the walls...since it's a playroom, why don't you get a few canvases and let the girls finger paint on them? That way, it's fun art for the walls, and it's also *their* art in their playroom. Or, give them paper to draw/paint on and put them in fun, colorful thrift store frames.

The yellow really opens up the room!!

glenna said...

My goodness...that room looks HUGE!! I'd have a ball fixing up that playroom, but off the top of my head I have no ideas. I just know I'd definitely have separate work stations (art, dolls, books, etc.)