Thursday, February 5, 2009

WLS Update 2/5

I forgot to post on Monday but and then I got so sad that I just couldn't post. :( Those situations are still heavy on my heart but all I can do is pray. I can't let it consume me. I've struggled with worry and anxiety in the past from letting situations terrify me and consume me. I just can't get to that point again. KWIM?

So back to the weight loss update - I am down 26 pounds. It's weird. Last week I lost almost half a pound a day but the week before it was slow but not a complete stall like I thought. Yesterday I started my cycle so I didn't weigh anticipating the worst. Today I went ahead and weighed and had lost 2 pounds since Monday.

So I am still fairly nauseated - more of the reflux but the nausea does hit. I am still taking nexium. I felt great on Sat and Sun and didn't take the nexium on Monday. That was a HUGE mistake. But I can deal. It won't be long term. :)

And I just have to say another wonderful thing about Dr. Campos/Dr. Aceves in Mexicali. As many of you know they found a gastric mucosa and intestinal dysplasia in my stomach during my sleeve. They sent it to pathology and it was fine but they recommended I get a scope every 6 months. Sigh. That sucks without insurance. Not sure what I am doing about that. But they've checked on me and sent me the path report and my samples to give my Dr. WOW. :)

This week my goal as been to exercise officially M-F and be active on the weekends. So far I've walked a mile everyday. :) I plan to walk at ACU with the kids over the weekend. And I want to start some cardio and low weights next week.

Right now my food friends are: Laughing Cow Light Cheese - seriously it is all I eat some days, sugar free popsicles, Matrix Dutch Chocolate protein powder made with skim low carb milk (YUM) - I drink 1 a day and another glass of milk a day. Some days I can eat some really mushed up chicken or an egg but so far these are my staples. Oh and string mozzarella cheese. It's soft so it mushes up even more when chewing. I didn't do well on refried beans or tuna so I am slow to try them again. Actually I am slow to try anything new until I can eat all this without feeling yucky. I do like hot and sour soup. The tofu is YUMMY! I just drink the broth and eat the tofu and leave the pork and bamboo shoots.

I do LOVE G2. :) I do struggle with water but I am getting fluids in with the G2, milk and shake.

Anyway - that's where I am at. I LOVE my sleeve. I do have some mental body dysmorphia - I look in the mirror and don't see a difference or second guess but literally 2 pairs of my jeans are falling off me - so I hope my mind catches up with my body!!! :)


Brenda-Ann said...

Go Leah! Go Leah! Yeah! Congratulations!

the undomesticated wife said...

You are doing great!!

I tagged you!