Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Couch To 5K Running Program

You know I really hate running when I try it but I am convinced that I need it to lose more weight and get my body healthy. I also need the endurance if I want to hike and be outdoors with my kids.

So today I started the Couch To 5K Program - C25K - it's basically interval training. Most people when they try to run try too much too soon and give up. Um - that's like me everytime in the past. I have a couple of friend's doing it and thought I'd check it out.

Basically, C25K, is a fantastic program that's been designed to get just about anyone from the couch to running 5 kilometers or 30 minutes in just 9 weeks. Its secret is that it's a gentle introduction to getting the body moving, starting off alternating between walking and running small distances, and slowly building up until after 8 weeks, you're ready to run 5 kilometers or 30 minutes non stop.

There are podcasts on the C2K Website that will give you music and then tell you when to walk, run etc. I did it today without it - just timed it. I will probably do that and listen to my own music. It wasn't easy but it wasn't as hard as I thought it was - and it's only 3 days a week. The other days I'll walk and do some toning.

Anyone want to try it with me? We can finish up by running our 5K at ACU or somewhere. Here is what you do each week.


bcstark said...

One of my friends did this and was really successful with it! She jogged a whole 5K and she lost 30 pounds along with Weight Watchers.

Bonnie said...

Go Leah! I've started something similar, but love the podcast/music idea. Thanks for the link :D

glenna said...

Love it!! What a great goal! I'm so behind you on this! You can do it!!