Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Dad a Dr's Appt On Monday

He was as kind as usual and welcome me with a hug as did his nurse Holly. He was SO supportive of my decision and excited I am down 28 pounds. I tested my diabetes this weekend and didn't take the avandamet and my blood sugar has been perfect but he wants me to stay on it and the pravastatin (for high cholesterol) for a couple of more months. So he said keep testing and we'll decide in a month or so. So we'll test my A1C, B12, Iron, Liver Enzymes, Cholesterol and some other things on March 1.

My goal is to kick up the workouts this week!!! I am so excited - I am only 4 pounds away from Onderland!!! LOL.

I did talk to the nurse again yesterday and asked if my labs looked good if I could go back on metformin rather than the avandamet. She called back and said Dr. T agreed. :) Yeah! This will save me $100 a month! WOW. :)

I am a little frustrated with my scale. I spent $40 on a nice digital readout that measures dehydration, BMI etc. But it keeps giving me different readings. I don't know if it's because I have an old house and it's unlevel but one spot in the kitchen it will tell me one weight and if I move it it tells me 2 pounds more. So I am HIGHLY frustrated and looking for the receipt to take it back. So I don't have an accurate weight. GRRR.

**** Update on the kids

Salem is doing great in tutoring. Her tutor thinks she will definitely do fine and can move up to 1st. :) We'll still be tutoring of course but still. I am highly excited about that.

Raina - if she doesn't go back to Woodson for speech lab (I am hoping they would put her in speech 4 days a week - we'll see - we don't qualify $ wise), I am going to check out Rainbow school simply because I can leave her in longer than 2:30 so that might make therapy appointments easier in the fall if I don't have to rush and pick her and Salem up and then rush to appointments. We'll see. I just have to think about this now cause spots fill up. If it doesn't work out at Rainbow or Woodson we'll go to Young Children's World. I love it there but they end at 2:30 and I think Woodson would be best because of speech but it's only 2 hours. I can't get ANYTHING done. LOL.

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Lawanda said...

That is all wonderful news Leah!!! I am so glad things are working out for you!! Keep up the good work!!! :-D