Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Salem's First Tutoring & Misc

Salem's first tutoring with Tonya went well. She tested her and there are definite issues with rhyming and some of her letters but she already made some progress today. I am SO excited.

Dorothy and Whitney - I do have that book. I bought that after Deidre Salmon with the Providence Classical Academy spoke at MOPS but never did anything with it I am ashamed to say. I don't want to overwhelm her but I definitely want to work on it this summer. Right now I don't think she's ready and again I don't want to overwhelm her.

Speaking of kiddos and school I am almost 100% certain Raina is no where near ready socially or speech wise to go to PreK in the fall. She turns 4 in May. So I am going to "red shirt" her. I kinda hope she qualifies for Head Start due to her speech issues. She goes to the speech lab 2 days a week for 2 hours. If she went daily she'd get more speech. She's just now the past two weeks gone in and not screamed and cried. This morning was tenuous but she did good. She's talking up a storm but not at the age appropriate level. So that give me great hope.

I know Salem's speech articulation issues are Noonan Syndrome related and Raina doesn't have NS but still it's hard not to get frustrated at having to be a therapy mom for the second time around.

WLS Related: I am still taking my Nexium MUPPS but still getting nauseated. I can get my liquids in but sometimes it's hard. Tomorrow I am supposed to started blended foods and very soft foods - cottage cheese, soft scrambled eggs, fat free refried beans etc. I am excited but nervous. I haven't thrown up but I am still quite nauseous. I was very excited to try the eggs but have read 3 people this week throw up when they tried them so I may wait. The nausea will all go away as my tummy continues to heal but still.

I also walked a mile tonight on my treadmill! YEAH!! :) My goal is to walk 30 minutes in the morning and an hour in the evening on M-W-F and walk at ACU on T/TH morning. I didn't this morning because Salem had a Dr.'s appointment - poor baby has a sinus infection.


Robyn said...

Hey Leah. I know Salem is receiving Speech therapy. Is it strictly artic or do they do any phonological stuff? Kids with phonological processes have a horrible time reading. There are certain programs that work on the speech/phonological with the reading readiness. I know this is more detail than you may want, but I have seen first hand these speech kids that have major problems reading.

So, I would talk to her ST about her reading issues. Phonological awareness/speech go hand in hand. They need to be worked on together. If you have any questions, call me! Good luck!

Oh, be sure and get Raina registered for head start the opening day of registration. I know those classes fill up quick!

The Walters' Family said...

Robyn is right! There is something to that phonological awareness. Carlie has really struggled, because seeing the letter "A" didn't make her automatically think "Ahhhh." Whereas, Mollie is seems to come natural.

Chris & Sarah said...

Hi Leah! I had a great time with you guys tonight & look forward to getting to know you better. :-)