Friday, January 2, 2009

A Few Pics

Here are a few pics from November & December. I have a ton and will try to post more when I get back from Mexico. This is a pic of Salem and Raina with cousins Brileigh and Brysta. Brysta is in the front by Salem and she's only barely 3. WOW. She's seriously Salem's size. But she's not huge but it just shows how tiny Salem is.

Raina wasn't much into Santa this year. LOL. That's as close as she would get.

Our wrapped basket of books. :) The girls took turns unwrapping a book each night before Christmas and we'd read them before bedtime. They were all Christmas books and it was SO much fun.

This is how our back yard looked a lot of November and some of December while Brian prepped and installed Christmas lights. Salem got to help with ours.

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glenna said...

Love the pics of the girls!