Friday, January 2, 2009

I have to share my MP3 story!

OK I have a cheap MP3 player I bought on eBay from Japan. It's actually a touch screen and very easy to use and similar to an iPod Touch but no wifi. But it's fine. Bulkier but I love it. I had just downloaded a TON of free stuff and some podcasts and it took me FOREVER but I wanted to be able to listen to Erwin McManus and so many others while in Mexico. Plus I had just ripped the new Britney Spears CD! :)

Anyway - I lost it. I got the new van and realized one day I left it in the convertible and I got it and put it in the van. I was having trouble locking the van cause it wouldn't be to confirm that it locked and the key fob has so many more buttons with the electric doors so I left it open a couple of times which is SO not me. I get SO annoyed when Brian or Larrah leave it open.

So I went looking for it and it was gone. I LOOKED everywhere and was sick. :( I LOVE my MP3 player. Sigh. So I had recently sold my Wishblade and a printer (scrapbooking related) and decided I was going ot buy a new MP3 player. I had planned to get a Philips 8Gig Video Player. Nice - my sister has one. Not a touch of course.

Then I found a refurbished iPod Touch. I was in LOVE. Refurbished I got an 8 gig for 197. Amazing deal. I didn't plan to buy a touch. I went looking for the $90 Philips. But I LOVED the Touch and omgosh I can be online and check my email anywhere there is wifi. LOL. Anyone who knows me knows that is a big deal to me.

So I bought it. It's SO extravagant and so unlike me to spend that much money on myself but I loved it. It took my 6 hours to convert all my stuff to the iTunes format and I only lost 3 songs that wouldn't convert. I listen to it EVERY night.

So 4 days later after I am fully attached to it I was doing laundry and guess what I found in a jacket I seldom wear? Yep. The MP3 player. And I NEVER put it in my clothes. It's always in my purse in a zippered pocket or in my console in the car/van.

Yep - it's there. All my songs, podcasts everything. So I just spent $197. PUKE. To someone who is SO frugal and loves getting a deal I felt sick. Seriously. But I also was mad. I wanted to keep my iPod Touch.

So Larrah got a new MP3 player.



Gwen said...

Isn't that the way life goes? I hate when lost things appear in the most unlikely places.

Anonymous said...

WHAT!!! I never got a new mp3 player!!! lol
ill be waiting now