Saturday, January 17, 2009

Salem - Reading Readiness

I had a conference with Salem's teacher and she's just not getting things that are going to prepare her for reading such as rhyming words etc. She suggested we consider having Salem repeat Kindergarten. I am not quick to do that because of the small environment at ACS. I feel like socially this would be harder on her for a variety of reasons. 1. She's gone to school with a lot of these kids for 2 years. It's not like public school where you get a bunch of new kids each year. She would in theory go to school with the majority of these kids through high school. This would also put her graduating at 19 1/2 and starting college about a month and a half before 20.

Brian and I decided to wait and make a decision until we see where she's at in a couple of months. We have a friend who is a stay at home mom and a 1st grade teacher. Perfect. :) She's going to work with Salem 1 hour 2x's a week! Then another friend let us borrow hooked on phonics so we're going to work on that days she's not in tutoring.

Please keep this in prayer. I want to do right by Salem. If Tonya works with her and then decides we need to hold her back we will. But I want to give her a chance to catch up. Sigh.


Whitney said...

I know that has to be a hard decision and stressful. Have you tried the book, "100 lessons to teach my child to read." OR something like that.

The Walters' Family said...

I was just going to recommend that book, too. It is actually "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" by Siegfried Engelmann. You may remember Diedre recommended it at MOPS. Anyway, Carlie has struggled, too. I had begun the book this summer but was too overwhelmed to complete it. I recently began using it again. Read the Parent's Guide at the beginning of the important, and follow the script to a T even if you don't understand why. It works...better than cards, silly worksheets, whatever. Be diligent...and she will be ready. Love you, girl!