Monday, October 6, 2008


Well last week was crazy anyway! :) I had SO much to get done before leaving for convention. Raina ended up staying with a friend named Victoria on Thursday afternoon after we realized Brian couldn't take off cause one of our employees father had a stroke and was out of town. The other guy can't drive the work truck. MAJOR issue as ALL my girlfriends were going to MOPS Convention except LaRae who was going to get John and Julia who was watching her on Friday. It worked out that but was stressful.

We all got on the van and headed off to convention! Everyone gets something different from convention. It's amazing how God does that. I was a ball bag all weekend. That is not typical but God is kind of not so subtly making me face some issues and be true to myself - even the ugliness - and I am SO not liking it. God told me to do something this weekend. I told God NO - he said yes - I said no not ever EVER - he said yes...grrrrr...It sounds comical but it's quite painful and I am SO not ready...

So we're home and Brian leaves for Brazil tomorrow, my house is a wreck (my own fault) and I have a ton to do but I do want to leave you with this:

SDWSCD - it's something we "learned" at convention! Be brave and let me know what you think it means in a comment and then I'll come back tomorrow and post convention pics and enlighten you! :)

I am going to a movie tomorrow. And moving Larrah home this weekend. :) So it is a busy week!

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