Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Girl Scout Patch Fiasco

Did I mention last Monday that I was in SUCH a hurry to get Salem's daisy tunic (I had forgotten) that I didn't make it to the Girl Scout store until 1:45. I had to pick up Salem at 2:45 and get her to Daisys 15 minutes away.

So I get the patches and run home and heat my iron and lay the vest down on my carpet. Yes - that was a big mistake - but the biggest was not putting a towel underneath it.

So I lay it down - it's the vest - we had wanted a tunic but they didn't have her size and it was thinner and more a polyester blend. So I started ironing on the flag and when I tried to move the vest it was stuck to my carpet and I had to PULL it up.

So the vest had a HUGE iron spot on the back (thank goodness the back cause we had investiture) and my carpet has a spot.

ACK! So of course I stopped ironing and cried.

Then the troop leader saw it and just happened to have an extra tunic she picked up at Good Will for $5. Whoo Hoo! Then I had to buy another flag patch.

Now I have to iron it all on by Monday and am terrified.

I need to buy an ironing board. Can you tell I seldom iron?


The Lipsius Family said...

Don't iron them on. Machine sew them on with clear thread! Is much easier! Plus later you will run into patches that aren't iron on anyways. Also you will find after several washings your iron ons will fall off and look tacky! Walmart sales the clear thread!

Aimee (TW) said...

I hand sew all my boys' scout patches on (don't own a sewing machine) and they stand up to wash after wash. Our BS Council sells "patch magic" that is more of an iron-on thing that some parents use. You could see if your Council sells that or something similar.

~ Aimee (TW)