Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Brian's Coming Home Today!!!

He should have just landed in Dallas. His flight doesn't leave til 1 to Abilene. :) Isn't this a great picture of him?

I did get an email from Marcelo - the missionary Brian has worked with in Brazil for 7 years. He had exciting news about Brian - they are going to get him licensed to fly so he can fly missionary groups down there.

Long term this is excellent for the 20+ teams that go to Marcelo's area. It will save money and time. For Brian it's amazing. He was almost licensed about 15 years ago and wants nothing more than to fly again.

I do have a secret request (that I am not sharing on my blog yet) that I was going to talk to Brian about this week that's highly pricey so I hope between both are dreams we can manage it. Plus with about 20 teams benefiting from Brian being licensed - maybe they'll help. We can run the donations through the church and all.

Anyway - regardless I am just excited Brian is coming home.


Bonnie said...

I know that feeling of excitement when hubby is on his way home! Hope you had a nice reunion *wink*

txranger93 said...

Yay! I'm glad he's on his way home, and you can get back to being a family again. And yes, it's an awesome picture of him! He's so cute! ;)

How incredible is this opportunity for him to get his pilot's license! Marc would be SO jealous! What a wonderful benefit, particularly for the groups he needs to fly around...I'm very happy for him!

Give him a squeeze from me; I miss you guys so much!!!!

glenna said...

YAY!!! I feel your excitement! That's a great pic of him. Hope you have a wonderful reunion day!!

Jana said...

Welcome home Brian!!!

camilynn said...

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