Friday, October 10, 2008

10 Things I Learned At Convention

I was inspired to write this list after reading a similar list at "The View At 5'5". I wish I had met her at convention.

This years MOPS Convention was in Texas! :) WOOT!!! That's amazing cause it helped our entire steering team and one table leader go (11 total). When we fly it's harder to raise funds even though 7 went to Orlando last year and 6 to Nashville the year before. I LOVED Orlando. It was fun and refreshing. But to be honest God broke my heart at this convention. The speakers all said things that emphasized what God had been working in me for ages. The praise and worship and all geared together to work on me. We had an amazing time in our two adjoining room with 10 people, shopping, going to general sessions and getting 16 seats (11 for us and 5 for Beltway MOPS. I can't wait til next year.
  1. God did not give me my children to make them more like Him. He gave me my children to make me more like Him. Said by Julie Barnhill. WOW.
  2. It's not hard to be a parent ... it's IMPOSSIBLE. So it's all up to me to let God work through me.
  3. SDWSCD - Read my other 2 posts about this a little further down. Am I doing ALL I can do?
  4. God is just sitting there waiting for him to give me the last of me. Why am I holding back?
  5. What fears are stopping me from attaining my dreams and doing something amazing for God? What dreams do I really want to accomplish in life?
  6. I shouldn't be focused on trying to create successful children but raising children to lead great lifes for God.
  7. What a wonderful team I am a part of at Highland MOPS. I love those ladies.
  8. My girls were given to me for a reason. God show me how to be the best mother to them.
  9. I am not Wonder Woman. I have to slow down and realize it's ok to say no. I usually do this well but sometimes I slip and when I do it really screws me up.
  10. God is calling me to do something WAY outside my comfort zone. I am trying to listen and do it. It's hard.
  11. I can't wait for Brian to come home from his Brazil Mission trip so we can work on a family vision and how to be a better why to my husband.
OK I came up with 11. :)

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Yes, they are Gymboree! I think we may have the same taste in clothing! :)