Monday, October 20, 2008

Five Humans

Whoo Hoo!!! Look what I just read on the FiveHumans Blog:

I wanted to tell everyone about a very special community of people that truly embody what being an advocate is all about. The mothers, fathers and courageous children and adults living with Noonan syndrome are a strong group with a voice that can’t be ignored. They won the Next Cause vote by an overwhelming margin. Therefore, this month, FiveHumans will be creating a shirt for Noonan Syndrome awareness inspired by the stories, emotions and experiences shared with us by the NS community (the actual shirts will be available for pre-order when the design is complete and will ship a few weeks later). We have also partnered with the Noonan Syndrome Support Group to be the recipient of donations for the Noonan syndrome shirt. Stay tuned for more information as we will soon be announcing when the shirt will be available for pre-order.

How exciting is that? I am BEYOND excited. And if you've never heard of FiveHumans you need to know who they are! FiveHumans is a company with the self appointed task of curing ignorance around various causes through hip, fashionable clothing. Their clothing helps people become advocates because they spark conversation and spread awareness and Noonan Syndrome is a cause not well known. They always say - "Ignorance is a Curable Disease!" AMEN!

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