Tuesday, October 7, 2008


By Mariane Holbrook

I may not win a trophy for the "Mother Of The Year;"
I'll likely not rush out on stage and smile as people cheer.
My name will not be three feet tall on Broadway's Grande Marquis
With brilliant neon lights that flash for all the world to see.

No president will phone my house and call me by my name;
I won't be listed in "Who's Who" for newly-won acclaim.
No one will stand in line to have me autograph a book,
No tour guides will drive past my house so folks can gawk and look.

But there is something that I hope above all else on earth.
I've felt this way, I'm sure, right from the moment of my birth.
When my time comes to slip away and leave this world for good,
I hope I hear my family say, "She did what she could do."

I changed that last line from she did the best she could do to she did what she could do. But it fit perfectly with what I am dealing with in my spiritual life right now.

While at MOPS Convention one of the messages that tugged at my heart enough was when Elisa Morgan spoke about - She Did What She Could Do.

In Mark 14:8 the International Standard Version says: She has done what she could. She poured perfume on my body in preparation for my burial. It is the story of Mary anointing Jesus with the expensive perfume and how Judas and others criticized her and how she gave what she had. She couldn't do anything more. She did what she could do.

What are we doing? Are we doing all we can do? I might never be an acclaimed speaker or renowned activist or Christian leadership guru (all of my favorite passions to be honest), but am I doing all I can do? All God wants me to do? I have to say no.

I am sometimes quite selfish in telling God no. And God knows that and made sure I was at convention this year to hear this message. I don't know if God was using Elisa Morgan to speak to anyone else but he spoke to me.

Ignore his voice...
Sorry did you say something? (by the way this NEVER works with God).
Well I think I'll pass this time.
No you won't.
Yes I will.
NO NEVER EVER I will NOT do this...
Yes Leah...
Yes Leah...
I can almost hear God laugh at this point.

As a mom I have often hidden a giggle at one of my daughter's indignation at finally doing what I am telling her to do.

But why does it have to be so difficult? Why must I do this? For some reason it's what I am called to do.

And I wanted to be remembered this way - she did what she could do. So the Lord knows I am going to do it. I am not sure how yet - that will come but I will.

Leah Holamon
Wife - Mother - Daughter - Sister - Friend
She Did What She Could Do

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txranger93 said...

Ugh. I am so completely BUMMED I wasn't there this year. I got something out of every speech at the two Conventions I was able to attend. I truly believe everyone gets at least one little something out of the experience. I am so grateful to have been there twice.

She Did What She Could Do. I really wish I could've heard that speech...I bet it was amazing. What it says to me is 'quit trying to be Superwoman...do what you can...and give the rest to God'. That would be excellent advice to me!

I'm sorry to hear you're battling some spiritual issues right now. But, it sounds like you're "listening" to what God has to say, and that's always a good thing!

Love ya, babe!!! :)