Friday, October 10, 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award!

Thanks Erin for passing this on to me! :) Thanks!!! I really don't consider myself creative. I COPY a lot! :) But it gets the job done. But I find that motherhood has helped me become more creative as well as being a computer guru - well ex computer guru. I don't even know if I remember how to program anymore. But both are creative outsize of the scope of just "craftiness". I LOVE the idea of making beautiful crafts but they just don't interest me as much as scrapbooking, cards, MOPS & this blog.

The blog award rules:

1. List 6 things about yourself and
2. Pass this award on to 6 other bloggers

Okay, so 6 things about me:

1. Like Erin the spelling "Kreativ" drives me crazy! But that's because I am a secret baby names fanatic! I love playing baby name games on one of my favorite boards.
2. I pop my fingers and my toes and my arms and my neck...yes it drives people nuts.
3. I adore being a SAHM even when I am tired and stressed and have so much to do.
4. I am trying to be a vegetarian. It's healthier life style for me with diabetes and high cholesterol and honestly I read the Skinny Bitch book and it was awful about how meat and dairy are processed. I have bought organic dairy for ages now though.
5. I really like tofu! :) Especially in PF Chang's Hot & Sour Soup! Delish!
6. Brian is in Brazil on his 7th mission trip there since the summer I was pregnant with the trips. I miss him and always spend WAY too much money while he's gone. It's how I cope I guess! LOL.

Now to tag...I am fairly creative but don't always share it on my blog but some of these ladies do and some don't but either way I think they are AMAZINGLY creative and respect their creativity at crafts, scrapbooking, fun kid projects and parenting a lot.

Jana - Scrapbooker, Photographer and SO much more!!!

Christi - Graphic Designer Extraordinaire
Johnnie Kay - Have you seen her fall decorations?
LaRae - I LOVE her way with words and parenting ideas!
Shannon - I miss my scrapbooking buddy!
Julia - She has a way with words even if I don't always agree! :) But it does always make me think!

If I didn't tag you it doesn't mean that I don't think you're not creative. Promise! :)


The Lipsius Family said...

Thanks Leah but I don't have any friends (that I know of) to pass this on to! Your the only blog I'm reading! lol

Jana said...

Awwwww, thank you my sweets! You totally made my day on a day when I'm feeling no-so-creative!! :-)