Friday, October 10, 2008

The Girls Are STILL Sick

Ack it's been a week. I am tired. Salem has missed school the entire week. She has had a fever off and on all week and thrown up all night Tuesday and Wednesday and Raina the fever. Of course they are fine when I take them to the Dr. Of course.

They are better now but had fever all night so a sweet friend is coming over to stay with them so I can go get some blood work done and run a few errands.

I haven't accomplished ANYTHING this week. I was going to paint and organize my bedroom and make it a love nest. :) Seriously! That obviously won't happen before Brian gets home. LOL.

I was going to clean my house from top to bottom! ROFL!!! That didn't happen either. I am SO tired. Wish me luck this weekend. If I get sick too it will be a lost cause.


Julze said...

Sorry to hear the girls have been sick Leah. (((hugs))) Praying you stay well and for good health for your family.

glenna said...

so sorry that they are sick! **hugs for all of you***