Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fun Busy Day

It's been a busy but fun day! It started off this morning getting Raina back to school after being sick. Then I went to the chiropractor. For the first time the adjustment felt wonderful! I was beginning to worry! Then I went to Progressive and settled our wreck! Then the fun began! LOL.

Seriously I got to shop for carseats. LOL. As crazy as that sounds it's fun! I LOVE it. And I really had no reason to EVER do it again with my girls being 7 and 4. :) But I did today. I am a BIG Britax fan. LOVE them. Salem had a Britax Monarch booster that she loved in a pretty pink and gray color. They are discontinued and she wasn't too jazzed about the black and gray and brown to choose from in the Britax Parkways with the slide and guard which I was jazzed about cause it helps little kids like Salem from "submarining" out. So I talked to my friend Janet (car seat safety expert) and we started looking and found the new 2010 Sunshine Monterey which like the Britax protects them from submarining!!!

Yay!!!! So this is what we ordered Salem.

Then Raina - well she's only 4 and doomed to be in a harness for a while if her sister's stint in the harness is any indication. Salem just turned 7 and is 39 1/2 inches and wavers around 40 pounds. She just moved out of the harness at 6 1/2.

So I went with the Britax Frontier that will convert to a booster seat. So it should be the last seat we ever buy. Raina picked pink too! It was fun to guide them to a choice - I knew they'd pick pink! LOL.

Then the rest of the day I spent at ATT and got Brian an iPhone. He's been waiting 8 months for his upgrade. LOL. And we splurged on Mobile me which will let us sync our stuff SO much easier and access our calendars (and each other's) remotely. I am excited.

More fun stuff...I won an award!!! :) I love stuff like this. Thank you Christie!

I will definitely be passing this along tomorrow! :) Thank you. Now it's time to finish backing up my email so I can move it and start having fun with my mobile me!


Stuff could always be worse said...

I left you an award also on my blog, stop by and pick it up.


hey Leah, boy do i remember those days of lugging car seats and everything in my house with me! Your post has insired my next post.
have a great day my friend!

Brianne said...

We have that exact Britax for my daughter is 5! I love the brand and the fact that it is a convertible seat. You had an expensive day!!

Leah said...

LOL Brianne. At least it wasn't "my" money!!!