Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Crazy Morning

WOW it's only 11:25 and it's already been a crazy morning. If it hadn't been for my sweet husband this morning I would have FAILED miserably.

It all started at 9 pm the night before. Raina was up with her fever back. Sigh! UGH! I second guessed myself yesterday and sent her back to school as she had been fever free since Sat am. With her pervasive development routine is HUGELY important. But she regressed. I felt like slapping my hand.

So 1 mom + 1 feverish/cranky child = no sleep.

I get woken at 5:30. Salem is up at 5:30. Thanks dad for waking her up. Oh wait, he was very sweet and helpful this morning. Focus on that Leah. So I yell in my loudest whisper to go in the living room and turn off the hall light so Raina doesn't wake up and hope for more sleep.

My alarm goes off t 6:30. I hit snooze. 6:35 - Snooze. 6:40 - Snooze. You get the picture. I got out of bed 1t 6:59 and rushed to get Salem dress, her hair done, her lunch made, went through her back pack cause I failed to do that last night (normally clothes, lunch and backpack are done the night before) and last but not least - today there was a Box Tops Blitz. Sigh. So I trim those and sign her name on the back (she wanted to but I was in a hurry).

Sweet daddy does breakfast and takes her to speech at 8 and then off to school afterwards.

I actually went and laid back down for 15 minutes before washing my face and brushing my teeth and deciding I could go to the chiropractor looking like this. Perhaps he'll feel sorry for me and give me extra time with the little electrical stimulus thingys on my back.

Mom is late getting here to watch Raina. I fly out the door, was 5 minutes and rushed home 90 minutes later to take a conference call and then to deal with the insurance for my wreck last week. Then I have to make room for chiro appts on my schedule the rest of this week and 3 days next week.

I called and canceled Raina's speech appt today and got her a snack and she's all nestled on the couch watching Barbie Swan Lake - her new fave.

Now as I look at my massive to do list - I decide to rest - to breathe. It will all get done eventually right?

Perhaps I will even go take a nap with my sweet Raina and learn to enjoy life from a child's perspective. At least for a couple of hours. But even if I don't nap I am going to grab my favorite protein bar and go cuddle and watch Swan Lake.

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