Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Cleaning - Mourning

OK I know it's more typical to clean in the spring but I tend to do a big purge in the fall and spring due to Salem's birthday, changing drastic clothing seasons and the holidays. So it's kind of a necessity. I want to be a minimalist. You know those perfect houses without too much clutter? It never seems to happen though so purge I must.

And I have a true love/hate relationship with purgomg. I LOVE that when it's over I feel so refreshed and unfettered. I love getting rid of things and passing it on.

But I also hate it wondering why I tend to accumulate such stuff. I want to be a minimalist but I doubt it will EVER happen! LOL.

Bur today was harder. I started with my junk closet. That used to be where we housed Nannie's stuff. She went to the nursing home in May. Yet I still had a lot of her romance novels and crossword puzzles she had stopped doing last year. I found a pair of pants, all the extra twin sheets, and a robe...

It reminded me that I haven't gone to the nursing home to pack up her room. Northern Oaks has been so nice. They should have called because I completely forgot but they didn't. If they needed the room I am sure they would pack it up and hold it for us. So I need to go there tomorrow and pack up her clothes (we'll donate them to the nursing home) and take down everything we hung on the walls.

I truly 100% believe Nannie is in a better place. This just makes it so fresh again. So final.

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