Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are you a bucket filler?

Today 1st grade (Salem's class) was in charge of chapel. They did a program based on the book Have You Filled A Bucket Today.

Bucket fillers are people who without being asked give compliments, reach out to people in need, help others, and spread love to everyone around them. The metaphor of the bucket helps the kids visualize filling someone's bucket with love. Salem's teacher has a small bucket and colored fuzzy balls that go in them when she sees the class being bucket fillers. And she uses the same visual imagery to remove one when someone is a bucket dipper.

In contrast, bucket dippers rob of us of happy feelings. This tends to be things like bullying, mean words, selfishness, etc. But the added lesson is we are all the same - and even bucket dippers need their buckets filled.

The book's concept is simple:

* Make bucket filling and other-centeredness a daily habit
* Preempt and reduce mean, bullying, bucket-dipping behaviors
* Empower children to deal with bucket dippers
* Help children learn about choices and consequences
* Create safe, positive, nurturing schools
* Strengthen families and build better relationships

It's a Godly concept and a precious book! And it's amazing how something so simple can really teach the love of Christ to our kiddos. And to ourselves.

Have you been a bucket filler today?

There is a lot of info on being a bucket filler here! I think there is even a place to sign up for a newsletter.


Rana said...

That sounds like a great book. I'm going to look for it.

Gel said...

Ah, what an informative post and a lovely concept when done sincerely. Enjoy Halloween and thank you for this info.I'm here from Wordless Wed.


Leah, what a good way to teach our children.