Thursday, July 2, 2009


I'm in a weird non place. How's that for a term? I got it from Jon Gosselin! LOL. Seriously though - two of my closest friends are moving, my therapist is moving (and yes I will be driving to Lubbock twice a month for therapy) and so on. It's weird. These three people have become an integral part of my life for quite a while and I feel like I am losing them all. Yes we can text and email and FB and I'll see my therapist but it won't be that continual thing that it is now.


Weight wise I am doing great. I am 15 pounds away from the highest healthy BMI. I want to get to 135. I am at 159.4 and feeling great. I am exercising a ton and Brian and I started doing free weights together. I do feel amazing.

Salem is a wonderful mess. She's experimenting with her mouth and finding herself in trouble for being a smart aleck. Sigh. But she's seriously the sweetest most lovable thing every. We don't have any camps this week or next week and then has Kids Quest camp.

Raina is coming a long way. Still having the behavioral outbursts but they are better.

I am blessed to have them. They are my life.

I am also doing 2 Beth Moore studies and just really trying to redefine who I am. before WLS I would have said - I am not going to change. But that didn't happen. I am more laid back and definitely happier and willing to move outside of my comfort zone the way I haven't ever before.


Whitney said...

You are doing so great! It's so hard when friends move and sometimes you realize how hard it is a while after they are gone. This summer I have really missed Dorothy... maybe b/c I have great memories at her house in the pool! Ha!

Hang in there!

the undomesticated wife said...

Why don't you and Brian move to Dallas? :)