Sunday, July 26, 2009

Learning To Love To Read Again

I used to be a voracious reader. I read Stephen King, Anne Rice Vampire Novels, Dean Koontz, Jonathon Kellerman, and a TON of romance novels.

Then somehow after I became a Christian in 1995 I decided I didn't want to waste time on novels. Hmmm...not sure that was grounded decision as reading is GREAT for your mind and your relaxation but I agree that for me I need to stop escaping into books as it really circumvented my life to where I didn't do anything else. It's how I avoided life.

So then I became a Christian, got married, got busy, had kids and never missed my books. Or if I did I didn't let myself acknowledge it. I didn't have time to read. But reality is I do. I spend a lot of time online. We have therapy appointments where I just sit and wait... There is ALWAYS time. Then lately that love has been coming back. Since being in therapy since November, Ty has recommended several books. Many I couldn't get through. Sigh. LOL. I tell him too many brain cells have died. For instance I couldn't get through the Mindful Way Through Depression but I liked the concept so I found 10-12 minute meditations by Stin Hansen that I downloaded for free on iTunes.

OK Back to books...Now I am realizing I missed reading. :)I mainly do my Beth Moore Bible study each day and I just started the Sacred Marriage Devotional on Sundays and Sacred Parenting Devotional on Mondays. Then I went shopping and that pic totally represents what I want to read. My current bible, old bible from when I first became a Christian, journal and dream book are also in that pic. Now my biggest choice is which book to read first...they all greatly interest me.

Like everything else I tend to get involved and can be a tad over-zealous and I need to not buy anymore books! LOL. But here is what is on my list for now.

The Superman Syndrome (Written by my pastor by the way!!!)

Receiving Love - Transforming Your Relationship By Letting Yourself Be Loved

Becoming Attached

Survivor Prayers

Sacred Influence - How God Uses Wives To Shape The Souls of Their Husbands

Sacred Marriage

Sacred Marriage Devotional

Abba's Child

Ragamuffin Gospel

Sacred Parenting

Sacred Parenting Devotional

Your Scars Are Beautiful To God

Getting The Love Your Want

And there is more...take some time and check on at least one link and see what you think!!!

***NOTE - Comment on this post for a chance to win The Superman Syndrome by Chad Mitchell.


Sheri said...

Well,don't put me in the drawing. That would just be weird but...
I enjoyed your book list. I think you can tell a lot about people by the books they read. Not in a high-brow who's smarter way but in noting a person's thirst for God,their search for meaning and knowledge, and watching their journey of faith. I have tons of books--being a voracious reader myself. I think anyone one should read Sacred Romance (not your marriage but Jesus, Lover of your Soul) is probably one of my top 10. And one I have read repeatedly and my #1 book ever is Brennan Manning's "Ruthless Trust." It's heart-provoking, not just thought-provoking. A little bit more difficult than "Ragamuffin Gospel" and more challenging even than "Abba's Child."
I'm glad you've begun to find your way back to reading. I think it's an awesome way to grow and to stay true to yourself thru the challenges that authors provide. Be blessed and be inspired by every word your read...

Lori kennedyzmommy said...

I love to read! I read a lot of Amish based literature. I think I desire for that simpler life within my busy life. It intrigues me. I used to love to read mysteries...but have found that since my children are growing, I just don't have that desire for the unknown anymore.
I have a goal to read more from God's word! I am praying to have an unquenching thirst for Him.
Then, I have a mountain of teacher professional development books that I would love to read...but theory most of the time gets outweighed by what I can use immediately.
Thanks for sharing Leah...and dig into those books :)

Aja said...

I love to read! And, I enjoyed looking through the books you're reading (or going to read). One of my absolute favorites that you have in Sacred Romance--I read it about 5 or so years ago after a friend recommended it and it's still one of my top favorites. One that I haven't read yet but want to because my younger brother read it and said it was awesome is the Ragamuffin Gospel. He had to read it for a class at ACU and couldn't put it down!

I also read a lot of middle school young adult lit, a lot of which is awesome, but I'll spare you that until you have middle school age girls... :)

And, I can't wait to read Chad's book--I remember WAY back in the day when he first started talking about it and it's so cool that it's a reality now!


the undomesticated wife said...

I didn't realize you weren't a big reader! I LOVE reading! Especially forensic mysteries, like Patricia Cornwell. I can't get enough of those.

Smartie Duck said...

I read all the time...typically 3-4 things at once. Right no I'm reading "The Secrets of God" by Dr. Henry Cloud, a John MacArthur and "The Naked Gospel". Then I'm reading part of Percy Jackson and the Olympians to keep up with Brylie.
But I find I often read to escape...and not in a good way.