Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Raina Update

Very exciting news - Raina is interacting with kids. But it's all big kids Salem's age. That is good for Raina cause it's an amazing model language and behavior wise. But it drives Salem crazy that Raina grabs them and says play with me and they leave her to play with Raina. Sigh. It's such a positive step forward for Raina but Salem is SO frustrated. What do I do? It's happened three times in a week.

Raina hasn't ever had friends her own age. She plays well enough with LaRae and Julia's little boys but Tristan is now gone. Cruz is her age but she never played with him. I will try to setup a playdate with just them and see how she does. She needs her own friends definitely.

Behavior wise she's doing better. Still melting down and hiding. A lot of anxiety type stuff. But she's quicker to get out of it I think. We're finding that routine really does help a lot.

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