Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting Ready for Vacation

Getting ready for vacation is stressful! But I SO can't wait to get away for a few days. We leave tomorrow for Dallas. I have a Council Coordinator's MOPS Retreat tomorrow night and Sat til 3. Brian will stay with the girls at the hotel and hang out and spoil them rotten. I hope we get to go to PF Changs Saturday night.

Sunday I take Brian to Spinks to fly and then drive to Dallas LOVE to get Korie then back to Spinks to get Brian. Yeah I didn't plan that too well. I hope Raina deals well. I think we may go to the Circus that night. The Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Circus is in Dallas.

We fly out EARLY Monday am for Miami and are staying at the Newport Beachside Resort. It was an INCREDIBLE steal. Less than $300 per person INCLUDING air. So don't be afraid to search for deals. I spent HOURS searching but it paid off.

We fly back Friday night LATE. We're going to stay at the Westin at DFW for only $48! :) Another steal!!! Cheap got that deal for me.

So between now and tomorrow morning I have to finish packing, getting billing done (SIGH whose idea was this to go at the end of the month - my busiest time) and get stuff lined out for Larrah who will house sit and pet sit for us. Oh and file my first worker's comp claim :( and do payroll. Yeah I could have picked a better weekend or week but this was the cheapest.

Raina keeps saying she wants to go to the hotel. LOL. She loves to go to hotels. She actually gets VERY upset when we leave. Salem is VERY excited about the beach. We all love the beach. The best part about the trip is Korie will be with us. With her in college at NM State University we seldom see her. She turns 19 on Saturday. Brian and I got married when she was 7.

BTW I bought a GREAT new swimsuit. :) 2 piece tankini no less - boy style shorts and a top. I am SO excited. I have NEVER worn a 2 piece - even a tankini. I also picked up one for Raina at Old Navy for 3.49. :) She's decided she doesn't need the life vest suits and you know what - she can swim. FAINT. She literally taught herself. I am amazed.

I will post pics on Facebook from the beach and try to cross post some. :) So I will end this with the name of the winner of the Superman Syndrome Book.....

Drumroll - Artie. CONGRATS and thanks for commenting. I love you all.

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