Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Odds & Ends

We drove the girls to Snyder on Sunday to spend a couple of days with Brian's dad and stepmom. The girls LOVE them and Salem loves spending the night so we thought this would be great. We were worried about Raina but figured it would be ok. Well when it came time to leave Salem SO over reacted. We talked about her fears etc and we asked her to try and if she didn't like it we would come get her on Monday. When we talked to her that night she told her daddy she was going to be a big girl and enjoy it. The next day the plan was to go to the Science Spectrum in Lubbock. Well that night I got a phone call and Salem was hysterical and crying and wanted to come home. It was almost 10. So I calmed her down and we told her she could come home today rather than on Wed. My sweet inlaws ended up driving them home. I feel bad she just wasn't ready for it yet. But good news is Raina adjusted and did fine. She didn't really "attach" but did well enough. Not major tantrums.

So all our plans for today got waylaid by this and a friend's emergency. We had planned to have the bathroom completely painted and finished in time for Julia's going away party. Yeah her last day in Abilene is Thursday morning. Sigh.

And I hit 6 months since my weight loss surgery on Sunday. I am doing AWESOME if I do say so! :) I am in 12 bottoms and a medium top and at 158.8. I feel AMAZING.

Brian starts flight school on July 18th! :) He's very excited and I am excited for him. It's been a long time coming.

We had a great 4th. Very laid back. We went to see Ice Age with the Bagleys and then swam and relaxed with Judy and Family, LaRae & Family, Julia & Family and a few of my family. It was a great time.

And we're going here for vacation in August. We got an amazing deal for less than $300 per person including air fare. I can't wait. We need a family vacation!

Here are a few pics of me at 6 months post WLS, me and Julia, Julia and Salem and the girls wanting their pics taken.


Whitney said...

Send Julia goodbye wishes for me! Your weight loss is inspring to so many!

Julia Stewart said...

Dude! Thanks for throwing such a awesome party!!!
You look amazing.... I look like a giraff.... :-(

Leah said...

Seriously? I think you look beautiful all tan and with your new hair "do".