Thursday, June 18, 2009

Busy Day

Thankfully I've had a really busy day. That helps. Brian hasn't remembered - no one has but I kinda hoped he would. I'm not mad just feeling alone about it all.

Like I said we had a busy day. Raina had speech camp, then Salem had swim. Then we took a break then we had OT and speech for both girls then went downtown for an ARD visit.

I actually almost forgot the ARD visit. We left OT/Speech and my phone beeped so I hightailed it across town. Thank God I had it in my phone.

Anyway - they are not 100% sold on the PDD NOS diagnosis. BUT they say certain characteristics are there. As well as sensory issues and anxiety issues. So they want to re-visit things in October. I am ok with that. In the meantime she will continue private speech 2x a week and OT one time a week. So I am ok with that. It was very positive I think.

We technically aren't confirmed for preK til August. Sigh. But they say it should't be a problem. When preK starts she will have language lab an hour every day and see the speech pathologist one on one 2x's a week for 30 minutes. The speech pathologist agreed language lab wasn't for her but thinks she needs intervention (yet no summer services). The speech path at Rehab is thinking Apraxia as a cause of the speech issues. I have no clue what that is but it's a more physical cause I think. I'd rather figure that out on my own than discuss it with 2 speech pathologists, the director of special ed, the school psychologist and a school counselor in the ARD. WOW I can see why ARD visits intimidate parents who are trying to fight for services.

But thankfully they've all been VERY helpful with Raina.


Laressa said...

I wanted to let you know I've been keeping up with you through your blog and I'm thinking of you and your loss of your little ones tonight. Also, I'm excited for you with your weight loss! I hope you are still enjoying the gained energy, etc. from it.

Leah said...

Thanks LAressa. I have missed you. Hope all is well.