Saturday, September 27, 2008

Salem's 6th Birthday Party Was A BLAST!!!

WOW! First of all everyone we invited but 1 person came. That I wasn't expecting. So I had 15 kids there with siblings. I have a niece that is a Bold Gold Squad Leader and her sister is in Bold Gold so they and friends from school came to teach the girls cheers. It was SO cute. They had a contest - I've got spirit yes I do - yelling match. I wish I had it on video.

Then the girls did these little stunts with the kids. These pictures show Salem!!! They all did it but 1 several times. 2 were scared and didn't do it til right before they left.

We had 4 boys here and I set up an area to play football with an inflatable football goal and the idea was the girls would cheer but they wouldn't play so they played on the play set. And all the parents stayed but two so that made it really nice. I really got to visit with some moms of the girls in Salem's K class. I hope we can do more together.

Brian made the cake - the girls got pom poms and megaphones from Oriental Trading that were fabulously inexpensive and the boys got footballs and candy. We decorated with balloons, confetti, football plates for the boys, cheer plates for the girls and drank juice bags and water and provided salsa, chips, cheese, crackers and fruit. Seriously I think I spent less on this party than ANY and it was AMAZING.

And this was seriously the best party ever. All of Salem's friends who have been to her last 4 say it was the most interactive fun and really it was very inexpensive. So if you know cheerleaders - do this!!!

I was SO proud of Salem. She was SO polite opening presents and thanked all her friends personally. Raina was fairly antisocial and hid most of the party! Bizarre. She's suddenly into this hiding stage and Salem never did that so I just let her hide.

Whitney you're right - they are big productions these days! But this party was the easiest and MOST fun ever!!! I can't believe it.

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Whitney said...

Well I may have to steal your idea next year for Morgan's birthday. It does sound like a easy and fun party and perfect for a coaches kid! Great idea, Mom!