Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nuttin' But Stringz

Click this video!!! Just do it! Trust me.

I managed to accidentally see America's Got Talent last week. They were on it. This week they are in the top 5. They actually revamped and did the song tonight they did on NOGGIN! They are AWESOME.

Here is their site. Listen!!!

If you like to vote vote for them at: 18666024801 or click here.

Here is the Noggin video:

If you go to the player it's the 5th video in line. Salem LOVES these guys!!! They are AMAZING.

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txranger93 said...

This is exactly what kids need to see...that it's "cool" to play an instrument, and have music as your passion. These guys are soooo good; I totally loved both videos. It's so nice to see younger artists make music that's okay for kids to listen to, and introduce them to different instruments. I'm pretty impressed!