Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's Happening...

The Holamon House has been nuts. I took Raina and went to the ACS Pep Rally last Friday. Salem was adorable - and the only girl not in a ACS cheerleading uniform so I have to remedy that before the next pep rally. She's very excited. We decided that would be her birthday present. So then we went to the game that night, a birthday party the next day, and company that night. No wonder on Sunday my arm was hurting some. My shingles seem to have localized there and down my side.

Monday morning I had to not go to MOPS it hurt so bad. I did get a lot of sleep Monday and Tuesday and feel back to "normal" today.

My house is a wreck so I've been cleaning in 5 minute increments. Load the dishwasher take a break. Vacuum take a break. Pick up take a break. You get the idea.

The rest of my week will be spent getting everything ready for Salem's party!I have her teacher invites on Monday for all teh girls in her class. No one has RSVP'ed. UGH. Its so hard to plan party favors when you don't know how many are coming. So I will have to plan for all the 12 invited.

It's going to be a cheerleader/football theme. :) My nieces (one is in Bold Gold and one a cheerleader) are going to come and help the cheerleaders cheer and I have an inflatable football goal and football for the boys. Brian's going to wear a jersey and I am going to be the Ref. :) Should be fun.

Brian's also going to make a megaphone cake. The Lightening McQueen cake was SO amazing that Salem said - daddy why haven't you made me a cake? So of course he's going to make one.

Now I need to make a to do list...balloons, get favors ready, snacks for adults, juice bags and water....Never ending lists. The decorations will be easy and it will be outside but I always stress over parties. LOL. But Salem ALWAYS love it. Even when I screw up like last year and put the wrong time on the invites and people started showing up early and I had NO idea why! LOL.

Salem is doing great in school. She LOVES it. Dad is working on #'s with her and soon we'll start working on sight words to supplement what they are doing at school. I don't think she's behind but it amazes me how many of her friends are reading easy readers.

Raina is sweet. Her tantrums are improving - slowly but consistenly. I think she wasn't getting enough one on one time with me. I get to read a lot to her and play with her. Maybe that coupled with her speech was it all along.

Please pray I feel much better next week for MOPS Convention and then when I get back on the 3rd I have to get Brian ready to leave for Brazil on the 7th!


Whitney said...

Birthday are an event these days@ That's what Jason said when we had Morgan's. He said, "We used to have cake, punch, and play football and call it a birthday party. Now it's a production." We spend so much time planning and preparing, but it's worth it! It sounds like it will be really cute!

txranger93 said...

Oh, how I wish I could be there to lend you a hand! I miss you guys!!

glenna said...

that's so cool that brian makes the cakes.